Dazzle-Spirit-Style grace the cover of:

"The Complete English Cocker Spaniel"

Pheas at the Oregon coast 2003

Quail & Pheas at the Oregon coast

Quail & Pheas at the Oregon coast

Quail & Pheas at the Oregon coast

Ch. Kvammes High Style

Ch. Kvammes Hollywood TD

Ch. Kvammes Pheasant winning at Cascade

Puppy Dazzle

Puppy Dusty

Puppy Orion "Luc"

Puppy Style

Puppy Style

Littermates - Dazzle-Sundance-Dusty

Lorrie & Bill with Dusty and Eclat earning their field titles

Ch. Kvammes Razzle Dazzle WDX, TD winning at the BC Splty

Puppy Vana with her friend


Lorrie with a veteran Spirit

Puppy Quail

Ch. Kvammes Spirit WDX,TD

Ch. Kvammes Spirit at the park

Style with our cat

Ch. Kvammes High Style

Vana helping to feed a calf

Ch. Kvammes Nirvana CGC

Puppy Vana with her friend Tiffany

Ch. Kvammes Hollywood winning the BC Splty

Ch. Kvammes Sun Dance (Dazzle's littermate)

Photo Pedigree

Spirit in Foreground

L-R - Ducky, Dusty, Dazzle, Woody, and Style

Ch Kvammes Quail wins Award of Merit at supported show Fall 2006

Pheasant & Quail holiday 2006

Quail completed championship with BOB win over specials at the Animal Planet televised Rose City Classic show